The Mets, The Phillies, The Horror

When Keith Hernandez starts talking about food in the 3rd inning, you know it’s been a lousy game. There were 5 errors in today’s forgettable Mets loss to the Phillies, the 68th of a season filled with absurd ones.

This is the 2009 Mets, defined by epic lameness and an ability to find novel, exciting ways to lose. Ryan Church missing 3rd base in the 11th; Luis Castillo dropping Alex Rodriquez’s walk-off pop-up; Eric Bruntlett ending yesterday’s Mets comeback with an unassisted triple play.

The symbolic image of the 2009 Mets fan experience came today at a Citi Field stained with Phillies red. Gary Sheffield dropped a fly ball in left. One fan in blue, with hands on his head, one fan in red, hands to the sky. Keith asked the director to show the crowd shot again and again, entranced by the subtext of the scene.

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3 responses to “The Mets, The Phillies, The Horror

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  2. If you keep writing about the epic downfall of the Mets, I think you’ll develop quote a following on here!

  3. The only reason I’ve been semi-keeping up with the Mets has been Keith. He’s good during winning seasons, but in losing seasons, he truly hits his stride. If he sticks with it, he’s gonna be the next Bob Uecker

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