Barca and Inter, Live at the San Siro

Lots to chew on here. Ibrahimovich v. Eto’o. Mourinho v. Guardiola. Two teams good enough to win the Champions League. The outcome wont matter much this early in the season, but it should be fun to watch. Especially on Fox Sports Espanol, especially if we get a golazo.

Lets see how this whole live-blog thing works out.

0 min Iniesta rests for Keita, who has been in great form. If you’ve never read the lyrics to the champions league song, do yourself a favor.

1 min Messi’s got a shot on goal. Barcelona look like flamingos in these kits.

7 min Ibrahimovich misses high and wide. The ball fell in his lap in the box.

8 min Ibrah heads towards goal but Julio Ceasar has it cleanly. Both teams playing with patience.

18 min Nothing until a flurry where Messi takes away from Zanetti and Ibrah gets poked in the eye. 2nd stoppage of play for a barca injury and the crowd is unappreciative. Inter cant get behind the Barca back four at all. Yaya is proving his importance today.

28 min Milito turns around Pique on the break and rockets a shot from the edge of the area but Valdes is there. Momentum shift as Inter controls the midfield, but can’t develop in front of the net.

35 min I think fans of both teams can be dissapointed right now. Inter might be the better side so far, but where are the quality chances? And why is Mourinho dressed like Neo?

39 min David Lynch is to weird, as Dani Alves is to hustle. Barcelona not functioning with their archetypical effortlessness. Alves passes up a shot to feed Keita, who misses wide of the far post.

Halftime Outside of Maicon, Inter looks pretty lame on the attack. I expect to see Iniesta soon, hopefully for Henry, who has made no impact. Ibrah and Eto’o both look confused to be playing for their respective sides.

47 min Fast start, with both Ibrah and Sneijder shooting off target. Ibrah is keeping his back to goal but the Inter defense is cutting out every distribution effort.

52 min Henry crosses in low to Messi but someone (Chivu?) makes a full stretch goal-saving clearance. Henry gets booked for something that I can’t glean.

61 min Stankovic on for Muntari. Barca starting to own the midfield. Messi and Xavi are getting more involved in the middle. Neither defense looks ready to give.

66 min Stancovic blasts one just over the cross bar after cleaning up a loose ball. Barca get a corner on the counter but do not break through. Iniesta is warming up.

74 min These Barca shirts must be hard to color balance; they look like atomic radiation. And here comes Iniesta for Henry.

81 min Santon in for Sneijder. He receives from Eto’o, makes a run and is brought down by Yaya, who gets a yellow. Now Balotelli in for Milito. Chivu gives away a corner but nothing happens.

86 min Barcelona controlling possession here. Inter look resigned to a draw. Is it possible for them to be both relieved and disappointed, and justified to feel both?

Fulltime. I guess this is what can happen when neither team needs to win. I expected more from Milito and Sneijder. Ibrahimovic still looks unsettled as well. Time to put this game to bed.


One response to “Barca and Inter, Live at the San Siro

  1. nice review…
    can you predict Barca vs Inter at Camp Nou?

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